Providing Electrical Solutions

Expertise in Markets

JKL-Electric specializes in catering to Residential, Commercial, and Industrial markets.

Main Services Provided by JKL-Electric

JKL-Electric offers a comprehensive range of electrical components and materials, including fuses, breakers, disconnects, conduit fittings, and specialty materials.

Quality Electrical Materials and Components

JKL-Electric provides fast access to quality electrical parts at competitive prices.

Diverse Inventory of Electrical Materials

JKL-Electric offers both common and hard-to-find electrical materials.

The Importance of Electrical Equipment in Various Job Settings

Electrical equipment plays a crucial role in construction, industrial management, laboratories, and fieldwork. It powers tools, enables maintenance, and provides portable solutions.


Reliable electrical equipment is essential for construction projects, powering tools and enabling installations.


Industrial managers and laboratories rely on quality electrical components for maintenance and operations.

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Comprehensive Range of Electrical Components and Materials

JKL-Electric offers a wide variety of electrical parts and materials to meet all your needs. From fuses and breakers to conduit fittings and specialty materials, we have you covered.

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New and Reconditioned Electrical Materials

At JKL-Electric, we offer both new and reconditioned electrical materials, often at discounted rates. Our bulk purchasing capabilities allow us to pass on the savings to our customers.

Specializing in Fuses, Breakers, and Disconnects

With our expertise in fuses, breakers, and disconnects, we can provide you with the right components for your electrical systems. Trust JKL-Electric for all your electrical needs.


Choose JKL-Electric for All Your Service Needs

At JKL-Electric, we pride ourselves on our vast inventory, reliability, and commitment to customer satisfaction. With over 25 years of experience, we are your trusted source for all your electrical service needs.

Vast Inventory

Choose from our extensive selection of electrical components and materials.


Count on us for fast access to quality electrical parts at competitive prices.

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Experience and Capabilities

Explore our completed projects showcasing our expertise

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Check out our successful residential renovation project, showcasing our expertise in electrical installations and upgrades.
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Discover our successful commercial lighting upgrade project, highlighting our expertise in enhancing lighting solutions for businesses.

Quality Electrical Services for You

Contact JKL-Electric today for all your electrical service needs. Request a quote now!

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